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Why Amaruq (  ᐊᒪᕈᖅ ) ?

Amaruq Motorcycle Adventures gets it's name from  ᐊᒪᕈᖅ , or Amaruq, in the Inuktitut language of Canada's Inuit peopleAmaruq roughly translates as White Wolf or Snow Wolf, and is an apt choice - Harry's beloved dog Amy was a White German Shepherd, a breed long known for their loyalty and ease of adaptation to their environment. 

A dream in the works since 2014, Amaruq finally became a reality four years later. An incredible team effort, AMA has started small, with the constant goal of providing the adventure of a lifetime for those willing to travel to some of the most stunning locales in British Columbia by Motorcycle. By providing an environmentally friendly, consistent, and positive experience for all those involved, we hope to grow our business and contribute to BC's booming tourism trade - an alternative to the more traditional, fishing, logging, and mineral extraction pursuits practiced in BC. 


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