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I have always marvelled longingly at YouTube videos showing riders going over rough terrain with big, heavy adventure motorcycles. After two days of one-on-one training with Amaruq I no longer have to just watch the videos. I am doing it.

I thought it would take me years to get to the skill level I achieved after two days with Amaruq, and my KTM-1290 now seems much "smaller". 

Fabian W.

The 5 day Vancouver island tour was one of my favorite travel experiences ever! About 70% of the time is riding on beautiful forest service roads and the rest on scenic highways. Accommodations are top notch and all meals are wonderfully prepared, healthy and delicious. You will sleep well and enjoy every minute!

Louisa C.

Had a fun, well organized day learning new skills. I appreciated the small class size and the personalized attention regarding instruction. I participated in the Women's training class it was a very supportive environment for learning, fun, and informative. It was like having my own cheering squad and helped my confidence tremendously. And met some great new people to ride with! Thank you!

Sarah S.

Just did a weekend workshop with Harry. He packs a lot into the weekend. I have never learned so
much about adventure riding in such a short time. Super patient coach. And he makes it fun. Still have a grin on my face several days later.

Lee C.

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