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The BC Connection

Amaruq has it's roots in BC, and as such, we find that everyone here has a deep respect for the environment we live and travel in.  In 2000, our company owner Harry Steiner moved to Vancouver Island, in an effort to follow an environmentally sustainable lifestyle and support his children growing up with access to the backcountry.  As a direct result of this, AMA has very strict operating guidelines to ensure our natural environment remains pristine for generations to come. Some of our commitments are:

  • Adhering to Leave No Trace Canada's Low Impact Operating Guidelines for Wilderness Campsites

  • On all Expedition trips, $1 per person, per day, is contributed to the Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

  • On trips where it is included in the menu, Seafood is only served if the Ocean Wise criteria as set out by the Vancouver Aquarium is met

  • All our guides are experienced in EFR & Wilderness First Aid, advanced GPS navigation and take continuous education serious. That's why we work together with the Vancouver Island Safety Council  and actively participate in motorcycle safety related courses or workshops 


In addition to this, our guides also follow best practice viewing guidelines when it comes to wildlife - we ask you respect this commitment when on trip with Amaruq Motorcycle Adventures, and our dedication to keeping BC's flora and fauna wild. We believe in small local businesses, and whenever we can, choose to support them with our purchases.  AMA believes in hiring experienced, local professionals, because of the connection they share to the surrounding environment, and the passion with which they share their backyard.  We believe that if support locally, hire locally, and care for our surroundings, this all contributes to provide a world-class experience for our customers.

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