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Harry Steiner

Owner & Tour Guide

From early on, Harry found that riding motorcycles took him to remote places and enabled him to easily connect people with his surroundings. In 1991, he bought his first Yamaha XT500, said goodbye to his family and crossed the Sahara Desert into Central Africa. About a half year later, he was safely back home and in one piece, albeit with an undiminished thirst for adventure!


He recalls getting badly lost in the Sahara, and the experience of finding his way back prompted Harry to become a  professional engineer in the field of satellite navigation. As a result, the word ‘Lost’ was eliminated from his vocabulary! As a passionate outdoor enthusiast, and engineer with the entire GPS files of BC at his fingertips, he spent a lot of time exploring the outdoors on foot, in vehicles, helicopters and on motorcycles! His passion for riding the back country has taken him to Africa, North America, Europe, South America and into the Australian desert.  


Harry believes adventure riding 30 years ago and adventure riding today has changed a for the better. Motorcycles have excelled in performance and reliability, camping and navigation gear is readily available, while adventure riding courses allow novices to gain offroad skills in a safe environment. His desire to offer adventure trips is simply born out of a passion to share with clients the happiness he has experienced on two wheels and to ride with like minded people in one of the most beautiful places on earth!


Nadja Steiner

General Support and Women's Rider training

Nadja got her first taste of motorcycles at the age of 16 during a week of trial riding in the French Alps, offered as an international youth hostel program. Two years later she got her MC license and used motorcycles mostly as a means to get from A to B. Nadja met Harry while exploring one of their other shared adventure hobbies (rock climbing), however, Harry was thrilled to find out Nadja was also a fellow rider. Together with their two children they immigrated to Canada in 2000, where the exceptional opportunities for adventure riding were convincing arguments to switch from street bikes to dualsport bikes. Together with Harry, Nadja has explored the beautiful offroad trails in BC, from Vancouver Island to the Rockies, as well as the red sands of the US and Australia.


In BC, her favorite is the Chilcotin Plateau which offers so many fun and diverse trails, stunning views, exceptional wildlife and Indigenous history. Supporting women and helping them feel confident and comfortable in whatever they want to do is very dear to her heart. Hence, you will see her mostly at the women's adventure rider training and occasionally on one of the fun trips exploring BC.

Rachel H.

Tour Guide and Women Rider training

Rachel is an avid motorcycle rider and started riding motocross as a young girl.

She quickly became Junior motocross champion in East Africa in the 90s and her passion for exploring the far corners of North America has taken her from Tuktoyaktuk to the far south ! 

Her off-road skills and passion for the sport plus her background as a medical professional has made her an excellent addition to our team. If you don't see her exploring new trails in the Arctic, you might see her teaching women rider courses or guide trips in remote areas like the Chilcotin Mountains or on Vancouver Island.

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