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adventure-proof workshops

 Our workshops have been carefully designed to provide you with the best possible combination of knowledge, skill, and confidence to pursue any adventure riding pursuit.  Our workshops focus on conveying technical skills required to manage an adventure motorcycle in demanding terrain. Different from other workshops we begin our courses with a virtual classroom introduction into motorcycle physics  before heading off into the hands on portion. Over the years we found that a solid knowledge base allows our riders to make decisions on how to employee specific techniques way past the course was taught. Our experienced guides are passionate, knowledgeable people, and take your learning seriously. Our lessons currently take place in Victoria, with both classroom and outdoor-based sessions available. Please contact us for custom workshops , as well as for our courses in other locations.

 We believe that what you learn here matters, and we take that approach to all of our sessions. Riding techniques but also GPS navigation are essential parts of a successful, safe trip. Equally important are the skills to ride through terrain, be it BC's logging roads, or West African sand. AMA is here to walk you through every step of the way, be it your first or your fiftieth motorcycle adventure! 

Bringing your own bike or need to rent one ? Let us know!

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