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Custom courses designed for you !

Need a booster or planning for the big trip ?

No matter if you are just trying to get some help with a specific skill or plan the big trip , we can help you to achieve your goal. Our instructors have extensive knowledge in many aspects of adventure riding including trip planning, GPS navigation, first aid, trouble shooting and repair skills. Remember, besides being instructors we are also humans who love to travel on two wheels, collecting experiences as they happen and love to share with you what we did wrong :-)

Custom courses in the past consisted of trip planning courses in and outside of Canada, advanced skills workshop on heavy adventure motorcycles as well as trouble shooting and motorcycle repair courses. Courses vary in duration and form of presenting  and may consist of a simple video conference or extensive multi day course -you choose your adventure !    

Let us know what you need, and we are happy to provide you with a quote that fits your needs and your budget. We listen first and provide you with a suggestion and a quote at no cost. Email or call us ! 


$ Request a free quote


Entirely up to you ! Call us or email !

Rental Options:

Bring your own Motorcycle (BYOM)  or contact us for a rental bike

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