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Guided adventure trips

Our trips run anywhere from one to eight days, with various backdrops and complexities ranging from a laid-back ride through gravel & paved roads to navigating extensive sections of challenging rock, sand, mud, or water! Our trips all leave from and return AMA’s home base in Victoria, BC, and range up to northern Vancouver Island, across to the expansive Chilcotin Plateau, and the multitudes of trails, islands, and roads that connect them.


During our Guided Multi-Day trips, we visit several different lodges and recreational sites throughout the duration of the trip. The selection of these sites is carefully considered by our guides and is dependent on season, group size, type of trip, and, on certain trips, support vehicle access.

We have highly experienced guides on every trip to provide the perfect blend of learning, comfort, and fun! AMA takes your vacation experience seriously, and that means comfortable back country Lodges and catered food to guarantee the nights you spend out in the wilderness are as comfortable as possible. On our longer trips, a support vehicle often travels with us, meeting with us in the mornings and evenings, enabling us to travel lighter, pack more, and ensure your vacation is worry-free.


AMA is able to provide support vehicles and rental motorcycles for your journey depending on availability. If we are running out,  a number of external options exist to have one ready for you to pick up and join us for the duration of our trip. Please contact us ahead of time if you have any questions or see our FAQ.

Bringing your own bike? Let us know!

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